Posted on February 04 2020


Skin Lightening is like a lifestyle; that is why extreme care must be taken to ensure maximum skin lightening results.

Live a healthful lifestyle
First and foremost, engage in healthy behaviors, which would in turn affect the skin. The health of the skin is very much a reflection of your physiological and psychological health. So, it is imperative to take care of your body and mind. Exercise regularly, to help reduce stress, eliminate toxins and improve overall well-being. Eat foods that are high in fiber, as skin impurities are often due to digestive problems. Good health starts with good nutrition; make sure to eat plenty of healthy foods for glowing skin, such as fruits, raw vegetables and whole grains.
Let us not forget to drink plenty of water. Skin is up to 15% water and staying hydrated plays a huge role in maintaining skin’s integrity and health.

Moisturize your skin, daily
Proper skin hydration can minimize the appearance of premature aging, prevent tightness and dryness and “pump up” the cells, giving a softer, more even look to the skin. Avoid products that contain mineral oils, petrolatum and other synthetic chemicals.

Exfoliate two to three times, a week
The importance of skin exfoliation cannot be stressed, enough. No matter how effective a skincare product is, it becomes ineffective, if the skin is not prepped well, to enable vital active ingredients penetrate, adequately. A good prep helps balance moisture, pH, revealing a healthier layer of skin, ready for nourishment. Exfoliate your skin using a loofah sponge or home-made sugar scrubs. Avoid aggressive exfoliating, because it can be detrimental to the skin, over time. Aggressive exfoliation disrupts sebum production and it could break down skin structure, leading to dryness and tearing. So, be gentle to your skin, as you exfoliate. Also, try facial masks with fruit acids, after exfoliation. With regular use, fruit acids and enzymes can help clear away dead skin, improving blemishes and imperfections and clarifying the skin. To save money, make sugar scrubs and masks at home, more often than purchasing expensive products.

Minimize your sun exposure
Avoid UV rays, as much as possible. This is the basis for preventing premature aging and lowering your risk of developing skin cancer. The sun rays can cause sun spots, sun-burns, blotches, and skin discolorations, which would interfere with your skin lightening regimen. Products that are high in Alpha Hydroxy acids can increase sensitivity to sun. So, when outdoors, wear sunscreen, protective clothing, hats and sun-glasses.

Avoid the enemies of your skin
Stress, late nights, coffee, alcohols and cigarettes, are first class tickets, to really bad skin. So, try as much as you can to avoid these worst offenders.

Pamper your skin
Treat your skin to a bubble bath, as often as you can; sometimes, people under-estimate the importance of soaking the skin, in a bubble bath. Not only does this help soften the skin, it helps flush out toxins and it helps loosen up dead skin cells. Besides, the skin loves a good bath! Be good to your skin and it would be good to you.

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