Posted on February 06 2020


Have you ever wondered why your skin lightening regimens do not work, as fast as you would like?

You could use the very best skin lightening products, on the market and it would just sit on the skin's surface, without proper absorption. Consequently, one becomes frustrated, as one may assume that the products DO NOT WORK, tossing it out, without giving it a chance. It's a waste of money, time and efforts.

Hard water is a notorious culprit and an enemy of progressive skin lightening.

Water hardness has a high content of dissolved minerals, mainly calcium and magnesium. In lay terms, Hardness of water is when you notice a slimy film, on your skin, after bathing or showering, as though, you haven't rinsed off, all the soap. Upon drying the skin, you might notice white splotchy residues. i.e Soap residues.

These soap residues clog the pores and irritates the skin, leading to  further skin dryness. The synergistic effects of hard water and chlorinated water (water disinfectants), on sensitive, dry skin, do not help, either.

Skin lightening products hardly ever work on very dry skin, as most active ingredients need skin oils, to boost skin lightening results.

If you ever suspect that you might have hard water, here are some advice;

-Get your water tested for hardness of water

-Install a water softening system or shower filters

-Use purified drinking water, without minerals, to rinse  face and body, after showering.

In conclusion, it is highly important, to create a bare canvas, to enable adequate penetration of skin lightening products, increasing the efficiency of skin care products and its active ingredients.


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