GITTEL’S skincare produces natural skin brightening and lightening products. Our impeccable formulas are developed by exceptionally experienced skincare professionals, with consumers’ safety and health in mind.

We blend the very best of ingredients, collected from around the globe, to produce some of the finest skin lightening products, available on the market.

GITTEL’S Skincare utilizes a cocktail of potent natural skin lightening active ingredients, such as, Songyi mushroom, papaya enzyme, Vitamin C ester, Sepicalm Vg, Mulberry extract, Horse radish root extract, Licorice extract, Alpha arbutin, Sepiwhite MSH, and Alpha hydroxyl acids; all of which work synergistically to target skin discolorations and even out the complexion, for an irresistible glow.

We are constantly improving our formulas with various natural skin brightening and lightening alternatives that are safe, effective and maximizes skin lightening effects.

Furthermore, since we produce our own products, you can guarantee getting freshly made batches of products.


GITTEL’S natural skin lightening products are completely safe, healthful, especially in restoring skin’s essential nutrients for cell renewal and overall skin health.

We are confident to say our products are free of hydroquinone, mercury, steroids or any other harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our incredible reputation, for producing superb skin lightening products, to address various skin discoloration problems, such as acne scars, aged spots, melasma, pregnancy masks, resistant tans, sun-spots/blotches e.t.c.


The question is “why not GITTEL?”. GITTEL’S skincare takes a great deal of pride and integrity in producing natural skin lightening products that are effective. We build our brand reputation on consistent results, with each and every purchase. NO GIMMICKS!

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